April 7 2008 Wife, mom fight over dead soldier's sperm

It's Monday and CNN should give the American public a break. Such filth for the crusty-eyed confrontation of a new week. The deceased soldier's wife and mom have different ideas of where his sperm should rest in peace, at least that's what CNN's headline claims. The sperm harvesting procedure was completed on Friday so unless there's a video of a cat fight between the two ladies, stop teasing us with misleading headlines.
And don't choke us with diversionary news so we won't read about Bush's push for the free trade deal with Colombia, a country renowned for having the greatest number of human rights violations and politically motivated murders per year in the Western Hemisphere. Bush claims its important to make a free trade deal with Colombia because of "national security reasons." (huh?) Yeah, it looks like Colombia, as in Plan Colombia, is willing to be pit against Ecuador and Venezuela. Did you know Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela export more oil to the USA than all Persian Gulf countries combined? Let the destabilization of oil rich nations begin. Again.


Anonymous said...

It is Colombia, not Columbia.

kelsworth said...

Thank you- nasty habit of my childhood state capital and my brother's address.

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