April 21 2008 CNN seeks to profit from self-ridicule

CNN is now offering select headline T-shirts. No seriously. If you see the shirt icon pictured to the right next to a headline in the ticker, that headline is offered on a T-shirt. $19.99 with delivery. I need a day or so to collect myself in light of this egregious new function. See comments for endless possibilities.
Update: the hackable software was fixed, so customized T's can no longer be purchased. boo cnn.


kelsworth said...

I just learned that the T-shirt function is hackable. You can type anything into the url line such as 'CNN is like the worst "news" source. Ever.' and it will be printed. Although, of course, I do not advise contributing financially to this corporation.

kelsworth said...

see the T-shirt

Link to the template

shane said...

i want to use this to get a shirt with today's cnn headline:

"Is that Miley Cyrus flashing her bra on the Web?"


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