April 17 2008 Kids put in dryer and tumbled, police say

Lumped together, today's articles form a corpulent carcass of adumbrated non-news. Toss it in the mass grave of Cnn's oeuvre.
In the video clip entitled Teens cuddle odd rodent found on road , a Cnn reporter declaims, a "not too savvy cavy" (groan) was found in Oregon by some not too mean teens.
A 26 toilet mansion planned causes stink in Connecticut.
For sale: Land next to HOLLYWOOD sign pretty accurately exemplifies the Los Angeles real estate inflation curve. What was purchased for $1.7 million in 2002 is a reasonable $22 million in 2008.
Lover asks 'bus girl' to be his bus wife no, he literally calls her bus girl and literally asks her to be his bus wife.
Kim Cattrall makes a 'Masterpiece' begins as a plug for the PBS Rudyard Kipling biopic but quickly explodes into a reminiscence of Sex in the City the series and an advertisement for Sex in the City the movie.
Foreclosures raise West Nile risk gives a phone number to call and report abandoned pools in your hood.
Mama Duck saves stuck ducks. another report on animals in the road. yawn.
And as illustrated, Kids put in dryer and tumbled, cops say . Note the macabre Kara Walker style silhouettes. The accused parents claim it was just fun.


juancho said...

Wow, I really needed to find this site. CNN.COM sucks, yet I keep going back. What is wrong with me?

kelsworth said...

We all love a train wreck.

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