April 16 2008 Screaming Peacocks take over Community

I went to the zoo today, so I was delighted to come home to 2 great wildlife stories. The first involves a menacing peacock colony in Florida and the second involves an Gator kidnapping by a dread head.
And then I came along a great CNN PSA on fear mongering. It was like I was watching an advisory ad by a tobacco company and I just wanted to smoke by the end of hearing how bad it is for your health. I was being told to fear in this society of fear and that the media played into that fear and that I had nothing to fear, because schools are safe and I shouldn't fear.
What I really fear is this video of Larry King interviewing the ladies of the sect. Their dresses make me crave jordan almonds. I love the end when they parrot each other. Not that I'm aware of. Not that I'm aware of. Not that I've ever seen. Not that I've ever seen. creepy.


Jacques said...

you might have to change the name of your blog after last night's pathetic excuse for a "debate" on ABC.

kelsworth said...

I often wonder if the media dumbed down to suit the tastes of the American people or have the American people dumbed down to the blitzkrieg of pseudo-information. Either way I see this debate as a turning point. It appears that people are saying enough is enough. People might just be resistant to the transformation of a forum of ideas into entertainment tonight. I think people want content and the people will demand it.
"In these times you have to be an optimist to open your eyes when you awake in the morning." -Carl Sandburg

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