April 25 2008 'Bee tornado' chases patrons from store

Tom Cruise returning to 'Oprah' if only they could get the rights for this T-shirt. $$$$
Prank promotes sex, booze after prom Video T-shirt because sex, booze after prom would never occur without a grease-stained prank letter.
Ticker: Bill Clinton acting 'bizarre,' says Dem political analysis?
Kids battle over sweaty Beckham jersey eww
'Bee tornado' chases patrons from store
the article said it was in the parking lot of a restaurant, but who's actually reading full articles these days.


Anonymous said...

Wow. CNN may suck, but this site sucks even more. Reminds me of that SNL news skit where the guy (Fred Armisen, I think) reads headlines which aren't funny, feigns disbelief, laughs, and reads the next headline.

Your "commentary" is just not funny.

This is lame...

kelsworth said...

Dear anonymous,
Thank you for taking the time to comment. This is not a humor site and the commentary is not intended to be funny. By rendering cartoons of superfluous stories that now pass for journalism, this website is simply a playful criticism. The commentary is to be interpreted simply as commentary.

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