April 21 2008 An unlikely pair

Weird fish leave sea, spawn on beach Video, a full 2 minute V.O.-less home video of a grunion run at night. Grunion= sardine-like= essence of not weird fish. Cnn delivers yet another fish video with a tantalizing yet misleading title.

Prince drops copter in galpal's yard Video William uses a training exercise to land in a field on his girlfriend's parents estate. If possible, expand to full screen, fast forward through the first 40 seconds and watch Col. Bob Stewart in the red sweater. You will see an amazing flight from a squirrel in the background of this otherwise content free video.

Mystery water springs up in yard its a spring in some guy's back yard or mystery water.

An Unlikely Pair: Thelma and Louise II. KTLA interviews what seems like an entire town about the friendship of a pup and ewe. I really enjoy the set dressing in the vehicle that picked them up from the side of road. A sunlit tuft of hair of undisclosed origin on the upholstery that is neither the color of the dog nor the sheep and used as some sort of reenactment of investigative evidence.

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