April 25 2008 180 minutes without solitude

Here I am in the hotbed of CNN, the greasy Hot-lanta airport, where even at 5:55 in the morning, wide screen TVs screech CNN at every gate. To ensure you hear the latest non-news instead of resorting to pleasant conversation with your fellow travelers, reading a book of your choice, catching up on some sleep or just listening to your own thoughts, the Hot-lanta Airport places inescapable loud speakers in the ceiling at 10 foot intervals. Your only recourse is to tuck your tail between your legs and seek refuge in some uncontaminated crevice, but alas CNN has inserted CNN News Kiosks in the last remaining unspoilt nooks. The kiosks are complete with 2 wide screen CNN screeching TVs at volumes set for the legally deaf and an LED ticker for the latest headlines. Some obnoxious reporter is cackling about a man caught on video pissing into the gas tank of a car in a parking garage. "tinkling"- that's the preferred terminology for this hour. Only the passage of time will deliver me from this evil place.

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