April 23 2008 6-legged kitty named Hex needs surgery

bad animal coverage today:
6-legged kitty named Hex needs surgery Video T-shirt
Dog cares for kittens
bad human coverage:
Gangster video stars gun-waving granny (where's the video, where's the T-shirt?)
Man claims he created UFO lights
Woman says yes, then no; judge says rape Video
bad election coverage and really bad election analysis:
Pennsylvania battle leaves scars Video T-shirt
bad fear mongering over the cost of gas which is still cheaper per gallon than oj or milk in my hood:
$2/gal gas lures truckers across border Video T-shirt
You're paying what for gas?
$100 fill-ups now a reality
CNNMoney: Gas saving road trip tips
(gallon prices in a 10 mile range of my current location: gas-$3.59 reg $3.79 premium, oj-$6.99, milk-$3.99 whole - $6.99 organic)

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