April 28 2008 Big Rigs roll into Capital

I walked down to the lake from the house today and saw an alligator starring back at me. I was hoping CNN's weekly gator story would be posted soon so the image would be fresh. Yes it was.
Gator grabs guy diving for golf balls Video T-shirt
But right after the gator video I saw this clip of a long-running personal fantasy. For many years I have envisioned surrounding the white house with a fleet of mack trucks carefully choreographed with CB radios. This clip is so amazing and eerily close to my vision of revolution, although the motivation is very different. I like too that people are reacting to the higher price of oil with such vigor and entitlement, so similar to addicts when access to their preferred substance is withheld. It's not a matter of their own dependency on the substance, it's that their access to the substance they have developed a dependency on has been limited.
These two stories blend nicely as one of the very few CB terms I recall from the 80's is the name for a slab of busted tire in the road, alligator. Back out.

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