April 18 2008 Babies water-tortured, ex-child bride says

April showers bring May flowers.
Babies water-tortured, ex-child bride says Video
I LOVE you, Nancy. And if you can find a way to ignore her for a minute, this clip is actually a fascinating look into the abuse method of "breaking," allegedly used by a FLDS man to instill life-long "fear of the
father" in children before they reach an age of remembering the experience.
Pentagon paid $1.7M to firms of polygamy bosses Warren Jeffs. This should come as no surprise. The DoD has a long long history of counter-intelligence and misguided funds. We're talking about a department that sent ballistic missile components to Taiwan instead of helicopter batteries.
Hungry slither across border as artist sings Yes, it says slither. Referencing Zimbabweans who cross the border into South Africa by "slithering" like wild savage animals under a wire fence.
$10,000 for child's birthday party?
I went to McDonaldland, had a cheap paper crown crammed over my eyes, played for what seemed like days in the concrete and fiberglass world of
Hamburglar, Ronald, Mayor McCheese, Grimace, and the Fry Guys, sat under a fake tree that bore fried apple hot pockets while eating a fist size piece of vanilla sheet cake with my name squirted out in coal tar dye and sugar. Memories were created. You don't need 10,000 bucks. You need a camera. What ever you do, don't take any of the suggestions CNN posts like "save money with low-cost art projects, like painting pet rocks."
Murder, she blogged CNN takes a truly artistic and compassionate documentation of needlessly lost life and massacres its spirit with this quirky reference to a heavily rerun 80's TV show. Sadly, we see what happens when you mix journalism with CNN.
And finally, CNN links you up to Fox News for
Officer battles python to save woman.


Lauren said...

I was hoping you'd mention the pet rocks. I almost ROFLed over when I read that article. Of course if some enterprising youngster decides to captalize off pet rocks, moms will end up spending $10,000 anyway (and by the looks of this morning's headlines, they're already making their own laundry detergent to save up for Billy's 4th birthday). Especially once they get into designer rocks.

I mean, we spend money on water and air already.

kelsworth said...

Yeah, well, those tikes will have to get in line. I've been in development with Louis Vuitton for days now.

I believe the point of that article is some form of class vindication along the lines of "I may be poor, but at least I'm frugal and, therefore, a better example to my children," intended to override the reader's envy (a bad example) with a false sense of moral superiority in parenting.
And yes, the onslaught of recession mongering this morning was sensational! Thanks for the comment.

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