May 14 2008 T-shirt seller likens Obama to monkey

T-shirt seller likens Obama to monkey Video which was so George W. C- for originality.

Catcalling-- creepy or a compliment?
Busy travelers forget toddler at airport, fly on
'Fusion Man' soars above Swiss Alps- pretty cool footage of this guy with rockets and wings strapped to his back zipping around the alps.

nice pairings do not balanced reporting make:
Jack Black confirms: Twins for Jolie, Pitt
Actor tells House of newborn twins' overdose

Moore plans 'Fahrenheit 9/11' sequel
New movies make light of 9/11 attacks Video

I was cruising down 3rd st. near Larchmont today and a bunch of construction type trucks were lined up in the median for blocks. Possible protest action. If any one has information, please let me know.

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Maynard and or Lando and or Bada said...

Oh man, that one's hilarious.

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