May 9 2008 Teens tell police they converted skull into bong

Today's drawing suggested by Sarah Elated:

Teens tell police they converted skull into bong

The associated video is great. It's a blair witch style voice-over free sequence of a man stacking pieces of Willie Simms' headstone back into place. Then he washes his hands in a pool of stagnant water, which is foul and creepy since the article claims the coffin is at the bottom of this pool and officials are waiting for it to dry out before examining the corpse disturbance.

Some select sensational newslessness today:
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Don't adjust monitor ... puppy IS green Video T-shirt my fav because the lady at the spca is mildly chafed by the reporter's relentless attempts to sensationalize placenta/embryonic fluid fur tinting, which to her is really not newsworthy.
Your moms: Beautiful, fantastic, perpendicular
Accused pedophile a beloved Santa | Video Video


David Lawrence said...

A grave alone in the woods? It's a wonder some teens hadn't dug it up before and employed the bones in morbid games. A+ for making a bong out of a skull. Where can I get one?

kelsworth said...

try necromance on melrose. They clean them first.

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