May 7 2008 University Drug Bust

"Operation Sudden Fall" took down 75 San Diego State students this week, some featured in this clip which looks more like a Tilly's Fall Preview Runway Show. Only 20 students actually face dealing charges, the rest mere possession.
One was just a month shy of earning a master's degree in homeland security and had worked with the campus police as a security officer. "O.S.F.", lauded by CNN and probably other networks as a massive campus bust seems in actuality pretty insignificant. All in all, they found what amounted to a lousy $100,000 (or a little over $5000 a person for the 20 "dealers" of the 96 arrested).


shane said...

You submitted your entry too early today. On CNN right now below the cyclone headline is this:

Potty Problems
Beware of 'The Tinkler'

One woman with bad bathroom habits can disrupt the entire office

kelsworth said...

NOOOOOOOOOO! Maybe they will relist in the morning.

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