May 6 2008 Woman fights to keep 80 cats

What's Tuesday without bad animal coverage from CNN.com?
Woman fights to keep 80 cats

Also today a mess of foreign affairs reports to bolster Bushies stink bomb ratings:
Laura Bush on Myanmar
Bush on Myanmar
Bush freezes assets of state-owned Burmese companies This reeks of disaster capitalism. If the Bushies want to aid the people of "Burma," then simply, unconditionally help them. Don't take advantage of this disaster and reiterate your criticism of the government then ask that government to beg for our financial assistance, conditionally coupled with the admittance of the "U.S. Disaster Assessment Team" which will conduct analysis already underway by International aid organizations previously stationed there.

Leveraging crisis aid is despicable.
Just send in the aid. If you don't want to sign the check to Senior-General Than Shwe then drop off supplies to the International Red Cross.
It's obvious Bush doesn't care about genocide/human rights abuses (Begged congress for a Free-Trade Agreement with Colombia, embraced the Olympics in China, Loosened laws of torture and interrogation techniques, occupied nation under false pretense, ignored "obsolete" human rights definitions and denied rights to "enemy combatants" and on and on and on) so what's with the wild hair over "Burma" and what is actually in store for this nation in the wake of a natural disaster plus U.S.A.'s intervention.
It's pretty awesome that Bush can freeze assets of Myanmese companies. What if Myanmar froze the assets of Chevron, which funnels millions to the "military junta" each year through investments in the Yadana natural gas fields and pipeline. Or what if Bush cracked down on the oil company and forced them to actually adhere to the sanctions like all other U.S. businesses and pull out.

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