May 2 2008 Teacher says bikini caused her firing

Shell pulls out of wind farm. This wasn't a headline, just tucked somewhere in the bowels of CNN.com randomly displayed in the video lineup. It is, however, one of the best examples of CNN's blatant and enthusiastic disregard for integrity minimums and content driven journalism. An unbelievable clip that seems unfinished due to such non-commentary on a topic crucial to the moment. A major oil company pulls out of renewable energy as the peak supply of oil looms in the very near future and the cost has spiked. Yet CNN devotes all of 30 seconds in this 2:19 clip to any form of dialogue. The rest is an ambient VOID.
Teacher says bikini caused her firing Video T-shirt
The reporter keeps mispronouncing the fishing boat company saying "Smoke um" instead of "Smokin' Em." This is one of two stories today (the other, Store bans Confederate flag truck Video T-shirt) that revolve around employers' rights to discipline the private lives of employees. It goes well with the video of the Mayor ousted for lingerie pics on myspace that has been listed and relisted on Cnn's most popular videos since February. "That's my space. That's why they call it Myspace." Umm. No. It's pretty much a public space, although post as you please.

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