Cinco de Mayo 2008 Bleeding, greasy man stuck in vent

Bleeding, greasy man stuck in vent Video T-shirt
Also enjoyable-
the ever studious ASU crowd strips down to "skivvies" for finals.
Atlanta uses taxpayer money for 5 $300,000 toilets. Further non-Cnn research reveals they were commissioned by Mayor Shirley Franklin and paid for from the Atlanta Development Authority's Homeless Opportunity Fund. This is amazing because the toilets only have a 2 year maintenance contract which means after that point they will either continue to funnel money to the unnamed "private company" or let them go into a state of unusable decrepitude much like the 5 toilets in Seattle that cost $700,000 per year to maintain. The toilets are only open from 7am-7pm, so couldn't the Mayor just subsidize rent for two years for a couple hundred people with the $1.5 million? I'm kind of surprised there isn't a similar federal scam for high end toilets in Iraq. I'm sure this too will come.


David Lawrence said...

I am glad you chose to illustrate this one. They saved his life by calling the police. Otherwise he would have fallen into the French Fry basket and then submerged into cold corn oil.

kelsworth said...

Totally. After he fell through a hole that was no bigger than his knees, he would drop into the french fry basket that was on the cold grill and then "skiddle" (which must be a provincial contraction for "skid on the griddle") a meter or so to the left while maintaining the same height in complete defiance of gravity and then, in the final moment as he hovered perfectly centered over the cold corn oil, he would succumb to the forces of the physical world from shear exhaustion, thus drowning, only to be given the old posthumous reheat and crisp by the morning shift. All narrowly averted, as you note, by the restaurant staff's ability to stifle laughter as they called Bacon headquarters.

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