June 6 2008 Surviving a flight with your baby or toddler

From Cnn's ever helpful "Busy Moms Staying afloat" series, suggestions for air travel with your tot.
Really solid suggestions like scheduling flights during nap time, unless your kid doesn't have a consistent nap schedule in which case don't schedule the flight during nap time.
Amuse your child with a crinkled, empty bag.
Bring extra snacks as reparations for the unfortunate passengers who have to sit next to you and your kid.
"Remember that flight attendants are handling food and therefore can't also touch dirty diapers, Pantley said. Plus, she said, they probably don't want to."


ken said...

the same flight attendants do, however, clean up in the bathrooms. yummy!

kelsworth said...

yuck. I'm sure they wash their hands as best they can with the 3 oz of tepid water that comes out the mini faucet.

Is it possible to a point where I hand human waste to another human being who I don't know and expect them to deal with it.
If I was a busy mom I would sink.

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