June 11 2008 Saloon bridesmaid hated dress

Saloon bridesmaid hated dress the most popular story this morning on a "news" network. aaaaah! I was doing some research and found that it's basically this people magazine article abridged and refreshed.
Nail stabs man's head; hammer removes it Video
Can you top this crazy cubicle? take a couple hours from work to spice up your cubicle and send a picture in to ireport.
Incest dungeon girl reunited with family
Paul Newman responds to cancer rumors verified rumor report
Bush: No regrets over Iraq Bush tells Iran there is a better way forward than isolation, but fails to explain why he did not take this better way.


Lauren said...

I was personally wondering which brains at CNN came up with the fabulous "Incest Dungeon Girl" monicker.

kelsworth said...

so good! and they just keep using it.

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