June 24 2008 Men with 36.6-inch waists face fines

cnn.com takes this story of a society in which the government is taking preventative action to curb a societal ill and makes it into a joke. Ha Ha the Japanese government cares about the health and welfare of its citizens and holds corporations financially accountable if workers are unhealthy. Ha ha that's so funny because it would never happen here. I mean, if the Japanese government just let their people get fat and unhealthy and sick and then denied them decent affordable health care, then a select few could get really rich and the majority of the people would be too sick, scared, poor and apathetic to demand change. Like here.
And the headline is even wrong, the men don't face fines, the companies face the fines if the health of their employees does not improve.


Anonymous said...

Good points. By the way, I like your site--I'm glad you are shining a light on the cruel joke that passes for "news" in the United States. No wonder our citizenry is so ignorant of the world and of the behavior of their own nation in that world community--the American people rely on pitiful sources of information, like CNN!



kelsworth said...

Trevor- Thanks for your comment. I'm always so appreciative of others who also see through to the circus of the absurd which passes for journalism.

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