June 27 2008 Jesus' image on a marble slab

Jesus' image on a marble slab
Today's headlines are really depressing, a deluge of bad news so you can't focus on any of it. I guess that's the point.
Scientists bet North Pole will melt away this year
Teens beat homeless man to death
3 teachers accused of sex with students Video
I'll 'rip apart' raped kids, lawmaker vows Video
Afghanistan: Allied death toll reaches 7-year high
Boy, 2, survives 6 days with mom's body Video
Muskrats + showers = levee breach
Stocks slide into bear territory

2 headlines yesterday on issues upholding the Bill of Rights (handgun ban in DC overturned [2nd amendment] and child rapist will not get capital punishment [8th amendment], but the preliminary passing vote in the Senate over the unconstitutional wiretapping which already passed in the House [4th amendment] was buried. In fact, this article is all but confusing on the real outcome. Language like "effort to derail an overhaul of U.S. wiretapping laws fails in the Senate" was used instead of just bill supporting illegal wiretapping likely to pass. Kind of brilliant that everyone is focused on upholding two amendments which at the moment effect only DC residents and child rapists while in the background all citizens are loosing protection against surveillance without probable cause. SLIMY. Talk to your Senators before they place the final vote.

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