June 23 2008 Guy loses 80 lbs. eating just McDonald's

80 lbs. lost on McMiracle diet
I love this video snippet simply for the initial graphic in which bullet point text introduces this man, Chris Coleson:

  • Vice Pres. of Operations, NEIE inc.
  • He did not graduate from college
Details so fabulous and unrelated to the "news" report bulleted so they appear to be informative.
Mr. Coleson's diet chiefly consisted of his morning coffee from starbucks, Apple dippers with out the dip (a sliced apple), and something called a chipotle snack wrap.


Lauren said...

Shooooot, thems apples must be magic apples!!!

What they didn't report on was that his hair was falling out from the rainbow of chemicals used to keep those apples "fresh" for a month.

Next thing you know, he'll start realizing he can buy fruit from the store and grill his own chicken at home.

kelsworth said...

Yeah- I guess it is the public shame of being a ceo and going to md's everyday to eat a sliced apple that will never brown that actually cause the stress induced weightloss.

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