June 25 2008 Up to 10,000 'WTF' car tags to be replaced

Up to 10,000 'WTF' car tags to be replaced
Such fun was had at the correctional facility that manufactured those plates.

some interesting articles today-
Ban sought on bottled water video tucked away was this video on a mayor's initiative to ban bottled water from government budgets- as it is an unnecessary financial and environmental waste. No mention of the health dangers of leeching plastic.

Obama using 'white guilt,' Nader says Nader gets reblamed for the 2000 Gore election loss and called a disappointing and delusional media whore for pointing out that democratic presidential candidates of any race or sex will always put the corporate agenda before the everyman.
Aguilera Exclusive Larry King interviews Christina Aguilera about the presidential election. WTF.

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