March 28 2008 Aunt charged in murder too obese for jail

How fabulous is Nancy Grace, with her sensationalized delivery of each and every sentence, her seizure inducing graphics, and that charming yet authoritative way she beats her desk with a bic pen like it was a gavel. In this clip, Nancy has no less than 4 analysts assisting her point of view. I love that Nancy berates the aunt for being fat and lounging at home and then chastises an analyst for a fat joke. The story under this 1000 lb expose of sensational outrage: a morbidly obese woman kills her 2 year old nephew. The 27 year old was arraigned in her bedroom yesterday and claims the boy got stuck under the bed, which doesn't quite explain the multiple skull fractures. The mother, 20, left her toddler and 2 younger, yes! younger than 2 years old, children with the bed-ridden sister. The mother was also charged in the death for failure to protect her child. Nancy really gets her feather's ruffled over the thought of this woman skipping out on jail. The lady can't get out of bed due to her weight, she's in jail already. "I hope you're watching lady!"

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kelsworth said...

I have to say I am a little surprised by the popularity of this article. It's by far the most popular story to date on CNNistheworstever.blogspot and has drawn quite a diverse readership, from Quezon city to Winnipeg. Also the greatest google search phrases have led people to my site. My favorite so far: "cnn 1000lb aunt murder" Fabulous!

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