March 10 2008 Drugs found in US drinking water

Ahh Monday. A Monday one day after DST stole an hour. Like most Mondays, today was especially difficult to choose the right article to illustrate. So much filler, something serious must have gone on in the real news this weekend. Oh, maybe oil is up to $107 a barrel? Oh, maybe Bush cast his 8th veto in the last 10 months against the bill limiting inhumane interrogation techniques claiming "This is no time for Congress to abandon practices that have a proven track record of keeping America safe."
On to my top inspirations today: Gays worse than terrorists, lawmaker says, Boy buried in sandbox imitating cartoon, Sheriff's squad car kills two cyclists, "wet back Wednesday" at bar irks students, Vatican lists new sinful behaviors, 2nd woman involved in tot car wash case, Monstrous Robot going up in space. So many!

But I settled on Drugs found in US drinking water. A fascinating tale of prescription drugs leeching back into the water source. Yes, when you pee, your body spits out poisons, like prescription drugs and sends them back into the rivers, lakes, and streams, but mostly the water processing plant. And then that water gets bottled by Fiji!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for alerting me to this important development, free prescription drugs in my drinking water. Now, instead of wasting money on recycled water from sewer plants, bottled in cheap plastic, I can take care of nearly all my health needs by merely turning on the faucet. Given that I, like most Americans, cannot afford health care, I can now get the prescription drugs I need . . . all of them in random doses at once!

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