March 13 2008 700+ dogs seized from inside breeder home

Today is very difficult. I wanted so much to draw the following story, but had to think twice about two toilet illustrations in one week.
Boyfriend: phobia caused woman's 2-year bathroom stay The woman's skin had grafted to the toilet seat. This is very reminiscent of a nip tuck episode with Gilbert Grape's mom grafted to a couch. Boyfriend claims to have lost track of time, but thinks it has been 2 years since she left the bathroom rationalizing "after a while, you kind of get used to it." Neighbors in the Kansas area mobile home park say she hasn't been seen in nearly six years. Annoyingly, there are no pictures of the couple, just a shot of the mobile home, which can't possibly be a two-bathroom model, leaving me baffled as to where Boyfriend attended to his hygiene.

America loves an animal story. America loves an abuse story. Combine the two and you have a perfect CNN report! Over 700 dogs and 30 exotic birds were found in a breeder's home running amok in their own feces. Two of the dogs were dead and many were missing paws. A huge pet smart mobile home came to pick some of them up. Good thing you paid hundreds, perhaps thousands, for that pure breed pooch direct from the breeder.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they were all -poos: yorkie-Poo's, cock-a-Poo's, lhasa-Poo's, beag-a-Poo's, peke-A-Poo's, pom-Poo's, doxie-Poo's, terri-Poo's and poo-Poo's.

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