March 18 World's Biggest Jet flies to London

Yesterday, the world's largest aircraft landed at Heathrow. CNN was there on the scene to pay someone for footage and a lame article about the A380's first Euro landing. The plane can seat 853 in economy class, but Singapore Airlines opted to slice that efficient number nearly in half. This plane, as tall as a 7 story building was reconfigured to hold only 471 passengers.
Airbus, the manufacturer, claims the new plane is "the most fuel efficient and quietest passenger jet ever built, from inside and outside." That's some frantically idealistic red flag waving. They also claimed that airbus flights would be cheaper on long flights, but the airlines who purchased the planes have raised rates 20-25 % in business and first class. This telegraph article refutes the smaller carbon footprint and reduced fares claims of airbus. It also has a photo of an on board suite with rosebuds on the comforter and a mirrored wall, that old illusion of roominess trick perfected by craigslist slumlords. After consideration, its probably a smart move by Singapore Airlines to pack in as many suites as possible. In ten years there won't be anyone who can afford the 81,000 gallons of gas to fill the plane's gullet and it will be easily converted to luxury artist's lofts.
Be sure to watch the video of the plane's European landing!

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