March 21 2008 Mutt Musings: Even Dogs Blog These Days

When I first clicked on this title I thought it would link to some smut-gossip article on juicycampus.com. But no, the dog reference was canine. And what better way to spend your surf time than reading blog entries from a pet owner posing as their dog. Of the 113 million blogs from which to choose, 34,000 people visit Dogbook in the pet profile wing of Facebook, EVERYDAY! From the website to which I refuse to link: "Dogbook allows you to create a profile for your dog, tag your dog in photos, find dogs in your area, and much more! Make your dog a part of your Facebook life - add Dogbook today! Have a Cat? Check out Catbook!" and Have a baby? Don't miss this opportunity to put your child in the cultural fast lane. "MyBabybook is out!"

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