May 22 2008 Raped student DJs 'Hot for Teacher' night

Raped student DJs 'Hot for Teacher' night with his wife and former teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau. Later in the day, cnn removed "raped student" from the headline.

Anchor ribbed for music vid bubble bath whatever you do today please don't watch this video. SO BAD. One "news" anchor makes fun of another "news" anchor's jeans. In retribution, the anchor with offending denim shows a video of the other anchor in a bubble bath with some singer and he is mortified. I don't really know why because he claims that it was his twin brother. SO BAD. *just checked the link- it is no longer available!

These headlines pretty much say it all. Cnn's quest for tmz-ness will stop at nothing.

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Anonymous said...

cnnistheworstever.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

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