May 18 2009 Guy tries to smuggle 14 birds in pants

Another amazing, in depth animal report from Anderson 360. No real information was provided about the smuggler or what kind of Asian song birds were being smuggled or where he was coming from or how he got as far as California customs. Some conflicting reporting in the beginning suggests there were two smugglers. Coops makes some weird comment about having tail feathers in your pant legs which falls awkwardly flat. Overall pretty informationless, not unlike the wallaroo report of last week. Bandit, the wallaroo, was running loose in upstate NY and instead of seeing a map of Bandit sightings so people could keep an eye out or even a telephone number to call with information, I learned that Coops can do a bad aussie accent and was a "jumping champion" while watching a still photo of a raccoon race across the screen to the sound of a cougar. Coops says if you see Bandit- he doesn't know what you should do. Nice. It is all about you coops, it's all about you.

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