August 18 Boy gets wish, cow chases bear, dog swallows fishhook with 3 prongs

Some highlights from last week!
Bush hugs bikini-clad U.S. Olympians Video
Scientists closer to making invisibility cloak T-shirt
Plastic surgery cut by saggy economy Video T-shirt
Troops pay baggage fees on way to war
car has 1.3 M miles
Boy gets wish: Seat on garbage truck
Cow chases bear away from apple tree
Mom shocked by teen's modest clothing
3-lb. dog swallows fishhook with 3 prongs
Weeding through cnn is very much like dissecting owl pellets. If you pick away at all the regurgitated hairballs eventually you can piece together the rotting skeleton of a news story, but its just the infrastructure, devoid of all the life and substance.

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