I won an iphone g3 this weekend in the KPFK summer sign-up membership drive! They are awarding one each day that will be loaded with content from 50 years of archives from this progressive radio station. You still have 3 more days to sign up for your chance. Donating 25 bucks puts you in the running for the daily iphone giveaway and tons of great sweepstakes prizes as well, like the gibson guitar signed by jackson browne, and a little more will give you a choice of premium gifts. Tax deductible donations will divert a portion of your taxes from corporate bailouts, human rights abuses and unneccessary endless occupation in the name of "enduring freedom."
KPFK is the only radio station in the country that has no corporate underwriting, no commercial influence. If you don't already listen, please tune in (itunes -> radio-> public -> kpfk or streaming online)
I encourage you to listen to in depth analysis of issues that will not make it to main stream media. This morning there was a story about a diebold voting machine critic, Stephen Spoonamore, (a gop accussing the gop of stealing elections) who filmed a segment for ABC news in 2006 regarding irregularities in the 2004 election. The video was never aired- ABC claims it feared lawsuits. But you can watch it now!
Kpfk is a great resource for information that won't be aired on stations with corporate obligations.


Anonymous said...

Did you receive your iPhone? I got a call saying I had won and my name was announced on the air, but never received the prize, nor any responses to emails or voicemails. Deadbeats.

kelsworth said...

no not yet. When I won, he said it would take a while before they got them, but I had no idea it would be this long. Also, I have since moved and emailed them to let them know, but no reply.

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