Independence Day 2008: Former Sen. Jesse Helms dies

CNN paints a saint. I like this Bush II quote: "Sen. Helms has been a tireless defender of our nation's freedom and a champion of democracy abroad," The cordial way of saying he opposed citizens' freedoms and fought hard to curb democracy at home.
It's nice too how they dropped his brief charity work with Bono and "Clinton's" Albright in the fight against AIDS in Africa after he spent decades opposing AIDS research funding and wanted to squash foreign aid entirely. In 1988 he reasoned "There is not one single case of AIDS in this country that cannot be traced in origin to sodomy."
Helms only had the "change of heart" because it went hand in hand with his ideals of eliminating foreign aid through the government. Even in 2001, he wanted to increase foreign aid only if the money was funneled directly through "faith-based" organizations (tax free paybacks to conservative supporters) and believed it should be subsidized by the public and contracted out to the private sector.
iReport.com: Your memories of Jesse Helms
only 2 reports up as of this post- Jesse Helms = Jesse James lists some pretty solid memories.
'War criminal!' protesters yell at Bush Video T-shirt watch them get carted away as Bush II talks about free speech.

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